Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10 Tuesdays of Me! - 7 Wants

I haven't put too much thought into these, so just doing them off the top of my head here.

  1. I want an iPad.  The school should have ordered one for me.  I still sorta want my own though.
  2. I want to lose about 150 lbs so that I look like a runway model and blow over in big wind storms.  I had jaw surgery about 5 years ago and after a 2 hour surgery that took 5 hours to complete, the surgeon said, "you literally have the thickest, densest bones I have ever sawed through." I would like that on some type of plaque.  My point is that I be almost literally skin and bone if I lost that much weight - thick, dense bone at that and probably some loose saggy skin.  You know, so I'd be one of those rare people that people would say, "wow, she looked better fat."  ((I seriously do want to lose some weight, but what I want MORE is for people to get off my back about it.  **Read people as my MIL and one of my friends who'd like me to buy 'shakes' from her.))
  3. I want my house to be cleaned, magically, when I get up in the morning, and every morning from here on. By "clean" I also mean organized.
  4. I want to win a new SUV, because I don't want to have a payment.  We don't have the most family friendly vehicles (2 door Cavalier and 4 door Tundra pickup).  People always watch us unload out of the Cav like we are clowns piling out of a clown car.  I do not want a van and will not enter contests that only allow winning of vans.
  5. I want to continue teaching, but not have to do any part of the job I deem unnecessary to student-learning and not have people crab at me about it.  This would include any type of "report" that I currently just change the year on the one from last year each year instead of actually doing.
  6. I want my girls to continue being the happy, healthy, easy-going, sweet, low-maintenance girls they are.
  7. I want the national debt to magically disappear so programs don't have to be cut and taxes don't have to rise.  (little somethin' for everyone there :) )
I wonder what my "wants" say about me.


Robyn said...

Just remember if you won a van you could trade it in for something else. I would love to wake up to clean and organized everyday too.

KimBerly said...

Lol. I love your list. It made me smile. I want an ipad too. With Jake being visually impaired I want him to be able to watch cartoons on it.

I need a car too. B gets to drive a brand new truck while I drive around in a beater that sounds like the back tires are going to roll off at anytime.

Jenny said...

That is not a shabby list at all. I am all about the waking up to a clean and organized house...and teaching without the red tape and paperwork!

Barbara Manatee said...

I think these are all reasonable wants! I want an iPad, too...would love to really TEACH without all the political crap in the way, lose weight, have a house that cleaned itself and have happy children!!

Right there with ya!