Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekends don't feel like weekends during the summer...

I don't think I could have a "regular" job.  If you are a teacher and reading this you might be thinking, "hey! we have 'regular' jobs! we work!" which we do, of course, but I mean a regular job where you don't get a 3 month break from the regular-ness.  Yes, we teachers (nice grammar there, eh?), do 'work' during the summer (well some of us anyway), but the fact is we get 3 months "off."  I don't think I could do a job where you don't get those 3 months off. 

Granted, so far this summer I have only "not worked" 1-2 days each week, but it's different.  I don't have things to grade every night.  I don't have lesson plans due for the next week and technology trainings to plan.  The "regular"-ness is on hold for 3 months.

And granted some of the things I have done this summer for "work" have not been exciting.  Today, for example, I went to a server training.  Pretty sure I prefer a full day of Dora and Backyardagins to Workgroup manager settings and the importance of DNS.  The knowledge that I will be spending several days with a label maker and 100ish computers to name doesn't exactly flip my hair back either. 

I also often hear other teachers say things like, "we need 3 months break, we work with teenagers."  I used to agree with this, but lately after trying to "teach" adults some things, I find that I disagree with this.  Teenagers have an excuse, they are teenagers, they have "growing up" to do.  The 40 year old woman who kept "Hrmph"-ing next to me at a tech training on Tuesday should in theory be "grown up."  ((Noting here that I had great restraint when she asked me "how do you know all this stuff?" and answered with, "Oh, I've had time to explore things," instead of "I'm not a moron who refuses to learn new things because 'what we did 20 years ago worked so well.'))

I guess I'm not sure where I'm going with this.  I'm just feeling lucky that I get "time off" even though I don't get to laze around for 3 months.   I get to get excited about what I do all year and have the precious time to explore content and resources and learn new things myself.  I get to spend hours holding my little chubby wubby Pj and hours playing colors, letters and numbers with dear Roo. 

I have also been reminded the last few summers that while being home with my girls is wonderful, it is not easy.  It gets a little trying to  only have a little girl who doesn't speak accurate English in the vicinity.  It also gets old constantly picking up, doing laundry, making meals AND being expected to do this all perfectly because, after all, I'm "home all day."  By the end of the summer I am certainly not going to be ready leave my little ladies, but I will be ready to not be "home all day."

So in closing, because I'm not sure what my point is exactly but a picture is worth a thousand words, I think the following pictures of dear Roo accurately show some of the difficulty of being "home all day" that is mixed with the wonderful time I have being with her and her baby sister.


For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

They are gorgeous!

I think teaching itself is exhausting because it is somewhat like being on stage. Enjoy the next few months. You deserve it!

I completely agree by the way. I can't imagine only having three weeks off during the entire year...and having to sign up for it way in advance etc.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I love these pictures...too cute to describe!

I miss teaching b/c of the feeling of "weekends" and "vacation." When you're a SAHM, such things just don't hold as much happiness b/c you're still doing the same things. Does that make sense?

I just know that when all of my friends are gearing up for the end of the year, no matter how much work I know it is in my head, I miss it terribly.