Friday, June 24, 2011


  • I sometimes use the blog to post about my frustrations.  Then I decide I probably shouldn't and delete them.  I refer to them as a my self-destructing posts.  I am somewhat tempted to start a completely anonymous blog where I can crab away.
  • Roo loves to play "tornado," in which we put on our shoes and jackets, put Pj in her carseat and gather things in the laundry room (our most interior room).  I, on the other hand, HATE when we have to do this because I worry that our laundry room is not going to protect us from the tornado - plus I'm not playing.
  • Speaking of tornadoes, my cousin is now somewhat famous round these parts for diving in a pit under a windmill to escape one.  He was on all the local news channels and made the front page of a couple of papers.  Kinda funny though b/c I keep thinking of Jeff Foxworthy saying, "If you have been on tv explaining how you outran a might be a redneck."
  • Took Pj to her 4 month check-up yesterday.  She's a chub, but the dr said she doing great.  I'm just waiting for the mother-in-law to comment on the chubness.  (yeah, that one will probably explode...)
  • This summer is going too fast for me.  I have waaaaayyyy too much I wanted to do for school, but can't seem to do when I could be cuddling and playing with my little ladies.
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    Robyn said...

    Sometimes posting frustrations is good, I started 2 other blogs to not sully up my good blog. I still post some frustrations, because life just isn't always rosy.
    Is your laundry room in your basement? I normally don't worry about tornadoes, but after being in a town when one went through, if I see the signs I get a little nervous.

    The Tompkins Family said...

    I love chubby babies! We need updated pics! :)

    Danifred said...

    There are few things better than chubby babies. I love, love, love the chub.

    Barbara Manatee said...

    I often wish I could vent more on my blog...but too many family members read it!

    Glad your cousin is ok after his tornado encounter! yikes!

    Thanks for stopping by from FNL!