Monday, March 14, 2011

4 weeks fly by

Tiniest is 4 weeks old today; plus since she was born in February she is also a month old.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone.  It's crazy to me that at this time 4 weeks ago I was strapped to an OR table "having" my little peanut.

  • Mikey calls her our "Diva."  Compared to Roo she is cranky and makes sure we pay attention to her.
  • On the other hand, for a Diva, she sleeps remarkably well (knock on wood).  It's not that she is sleeping for incredibly long stretches, but she does sleep in crib and in her little bed in our room pretty easily. 
  • Some of that credit probably needs to go to the swaddle blanket thing with velcro that we got.  We tried to swaddle Roo, but she always wriggled out of it.  I'm apparently swaddle impaired without velcro.  I can feed her at night, then change her and put her in the swaddler and she's out. With Roo I'd be petrified of burping her after her last bottle for fear she'd wake and I wouldn't be able to get her to go back to sleep.  
  • PJ is also a really good self-soother.  During the day I hear phantom baby all the time.  I lay her down in her crib and go to do dishes or laundry or whatnot and I'll think I hear her.  When I go in her room she's laying peacefully.  I know she squawked, but she just goes back to sleep.
  • We call our little PJ several things: Lisity, Lissy, Tiniest and Diva.  I'm thinking Diva will not be the nickname that sticks.  My guess is either Lisity or PJ.  We'll see.  Mikey says Lisity more and I say PJ more and Roo prefers her whole name - last name included.  As long as people don't call her Phyl I'll be happy.
  • She is still wearing newborn clothes, although they are a bit tighter fitting.  I need to try to weigh and measure her - but I'm thinking that will be a 4 weeks, 1 day activity.

In other news:
  • Roo is doing pretty well with being a big sister.  She has stayed home with me the last week, which has been nice but stressful.  I'm not good without sleep and she has just not been good at times.
  • Mikey started a new job at the same company.  He LOVES it.  He now works in the office instead of production and the hours are 8-5 instead of 5-5.  I love it too...he's not nearly as cranky when he gets to sleep normal hours.
  • I love being home with my little girls, but part of me is ready to go back.  I think since I know I have too I have been trying to find the things that will be "nice" about being back at work.  Admittedly those are few and far between.  I am looking forward to being back with my students.
Well thanks for stopping.  Hopefully I'll be a little better about keeping this updated.  Also, for loving to take pictures - I'm horrible at getting pics of PJ.  Roo is a little easier lately though.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Sweet Valentine Baby and scary nightmare

I'm pretty late in the posting, but generally when I am on the computer I am holding the little bundle of joy and I'm terrible at typing one handed.  Plus the story of this birth isn't exactly easy for me to write out.  I have come back to it more than once because each time I type a bit and then quit.

Phyllisity Jean will apparently be more prompt than her older sister.  She was born on Valentine's Day  and weighed 7lbs, 1 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.  She was scheduled to be born on February 21st, but apparently wanted "out" early.

Her entry to this world was a little traumatic to her momma and I'm still having some nightmares about it.  Luckily when I wake up she is right beside me and I know it was just a dream.

So here's the story of Pj's birth.

A couple of times at school on Valentine's Day I had some back pains that I thought might be contractions, but really just thought my back was spasming.  I got home, ate supper with Roo and Mikey and my back started hurting some more so I went to lay down for a while.  It really started hurting and I hollered for Mikey to come and rub my back.  When he came in the room I felt what I thought was my water breaking.  Not wanting to soak the bed, I got up and looked down expecting to see water on the floor...but instead I looked down to see my feet covered in blood.  (This is part of what I keep dreaming about).

I sorta freaked out at this point and told Mikey to call 911.  He did and told emergency that I thought my water had broke, but it was blood.  I'm pretty sure the dispatcher thought that I was just in labor (some blood is common when your water breaks), but she sent the ambulance out.

When the ambulance got to our house (after going by the first time), they initially wanted to take me to the hospital in town - uh, no to that.  They don't do deliveries, and certainly don't do c-sections so I said we'd just drive to my hospital.  One of the emergency ladies thought I was in regular and the other one had apparently noticed that my shoes were filling up with blood and the inside of my sweat pants was red and said they'd take us where we wanted to go.

So I got in the ambulance and Mikey grabbed Roo and hopped in the front seat.  It surprises me that they let him do that.  Roo loved riding in the ambulance.  As we turned the corner she yelled, "Here we go!" all excitedly.  She loved the lights and the siren and going fast.

Meanwhile I was in the back freaking out because the lady who thought I was just in labor was trying to hear the baby's heartbeat and kept announcing that she couldn't find it - this really freaked me out.  The other lady I think could tell what I was thinking and said "you couldn't hear a train back."  It was really loud.

So we got to the hospital and they started prepping me for surgery right away.  I tearfully asked if they could put on the fetal monitor because they couldn't hear the baby in the ambulance.  I had been thinking since I saw all that blood that she was gone.  Luckily her little heartbeat was strong and I couldn't have been more relieved.

More complications as the anesthesiologist tried to get the epidural in.  He couldn't hit my spine quite right and ended up not getting enough in.  This meant I could feel A LOT.  Luckily not all of it hurt, some just felt weird, but there was pain.  I wondered during my first C-section why they strapped down my legs - this question was answered as I kept trying to lift them from the pain.

C-section begins and the surgeon says, "oh my."  Not the most comforting words for a surgeon to utter while you are sliced open.  He followed up with, "the uterus has ruptured - she may need a transfusion, start the preparation for that."  Then the fun began of them trying to pull out the baby while I could feel much of it.

All's well that ends well though.  Phyllisity Jean was born and started screaming almost immediately, much like her older sister did.  They whisked her away and did her Apgar scores which were great.  She was practically perfect.  They showed her to me and I got to give her a little kiss and then they took her away again and Mikey went with her for her cleanup and measuring.

I wish I had not been able to hear the surgeon and my doctor discussing "how bad" it was.  I didn't need to hear it all and get scared out of my mind that I wasn't going to make it.  I just about asked if my mom could come in so I could talk to her about making sure my girls and Mikey were okay in life.  Luckily the anesthesiologist noticed the tears and started talking to me about how great my little girl was and how they were almost done with me and I'd get to see her again.  Thank goodness for him.  The surgeon decided to "wait a while" to see if I'd need a transfusion and luckily I didn't.   

At my appt with the OBGYN last week he said I was his first case of both the placenta tearing and the uterus rupturing.  He'd seen both before, but not at the same time.  He said that having more kids was possible, but that we should really weigh the risks of it.  He also said that for so much happening I was doing remarkably well.  I'm a fast healer apparently. 

If you read all of this - thanks.  I am excited to have it done and get to post all the other things floating around in my head.  You might get sick of me in the next few days.  Of course I don't have a lot of two handed typing time right now, so maybe not..