Friday, January 28, 2011

FNL - And the Countdown Begins

  • I had great intentions of posting more this week, but never got to it.  Hopefully this weekend I'll have some time to add.
  • If you are really observant you may notice that my baby ticker over there on the right changed.  I found out the date of my c-section so I updated it.  Feb 21st is the big day.  I had been told the 24th, but the OBGYN prefers exactly 1 week before due date, plus he said it is better on Mondays.  So 3 weeks, 3 days to go!
  • It was kinda weird when the nurse called to schedule the c-section.  She asked if the 21st at 11:30 would fit in my schedule.  I wanted to ask if people really say "no."  What else would I be doing that I couldn't schedule it for that day? "Sorry, I have a spa day planned that day."  "Sorry, there is a Law & Order marathon on USA that day."  Just thought that was odd.
  • In case you are reading this and thinking of trying to talk me into a VBAC, save your keystrokes in the comments.  My dr recommended against it and frankly the word "rupture" didn't sound like a good time.  I have a very healthy Roo that was born c-section and I conducted a volleyball clinic 4 weeks after giving birth to her and did just fine.  I actually had someone tell me that I couldn't have "lots" of kids if I had repeat c-sections - so I guess there goes my chance to beat out those Duggars...oh well...
    • Sooo...I'm coming back to reread this and I sound really snarky about his part - please take into consideration how many people have tried to "talk me out of a c-section" - it really isn't a choice I'm making so it hurts when people assume I just don't want to go through labor - I'd happily (well that might be a bit strong) go through labor if that what was best - but it isn't according to my dr.   I've just had enough lectures on the subject, so I'd prefer to be spared any more.
  • I'd also like to take this opportunity to whine again about having to make 8 weeks of sub plans for 5 classes.  I am very thankful that my school is 1 to 1 and I can make my classes mostly online for my students, but I'm getting really sick of making plans.  I have had other teachers tell me to just tell my sub what "page I'm on in the book," but I'm not really a "page in the book" kinda person.  Or a "just tell em" kinda person.  Guess I'm a closet control freak.  
Well, guess I should get back to those plans.  Thanks for reading my leftovers and don't forget to head over to our gracious host Danifred's and check out more leftovers.


Robyn said...

The count down is on. How exciting. Maybe they ask if that is ok in case for your husband's work or something or if you have to plan out your maternity leave? I dunno.

The Tompkins Family said...

What I've found about being a mother:
people will judge you about EVERYTHING. NO MATTER WHAT. You can never win. Someone will always frown in disapproval.

Danifred said...

I went through the same thing when Bean was born. People tried to convince me that I should go the vbac route even though they had no idea that doing so would result in the loss of my life or my childs. Some people are dummies.

Michelle Leigh said...

I just can't believe how nosy people can be! I've had 3 c-sections because I can't have a baby the "natural" way, so I am so grateful for medical advances such as a c-section that preserved mine and my kiddos' lives. Really, it's nobody's business and you do what you need to do! Congrats on the upcoming arrival and enjoy the coming days! How exciting!

Oh, and I would 100% have another c-section! I can't believe people give birth the other way :) Like you, I recover quickly and it was pretty easy for me!

Megan said...

Baby soon- so glad for you. Thanks for posting on my site that you are having the same feelings- hard to go it alone in the feeling department- but glad to know others are feeling the 2nd baby-thing too! :-)

Rebecca said...

Yes, I do find it weird when they ask you if that time "works for you." It's not like you're scheduling an oil're getting a child!

I don't blame you about the VBAC one's business!!!!

Hang in're almost there (and sub plans suck)!