Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pictures from England

I'm Back!  I have been for a week actually, but due to a new position at school I was busy all week working there.

I thought I'd share some of the pictures that I took.  We went to London, Madrid and Rome, but I'm just doing London today. 

And now that I've uploaded all the warned, there are a LOT of pictures.  Scroll down at your own risk.

Westminster Abbey

The hubs said I should have picked one of these for him.  A nice little "make your own" kit. 
These street performers were amazing, although it did make me wonder what makes a person decide that they are going to stand on their friend's head, or decide they are going to have their friend stand on their head.
This is the pub we at supper in one night.

Even in Nebraska I don't see a lot of meat just hanging around in stores.  It was a little odd for me.

Pea and Basil soup - sounds a little gross, doesn't it?
But it was Delicious!

Thanks for sticking with it to the end!


Danifred said...

What a great set! Welcome home!

Marie said...

Wonderful photos! I can't wait to see more. :)

Amy said...

Welcome back! These are all such wonderfully varied photos. I can't wait to see the Rome set. ;)

Serline said...

Great travel pics! The street performers "stand out" though ;-)

Raise Them Up said...

I loved my tour! (via your pictures!) I would love to go to Europe some day. :)