Friday, April 23, 2010

PSF: Ready for Summer

I have been busy the last few weeks, but SUMMER IS COMING!  So I thought I'd post one of my favorite pictures from last summer. 

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Goal Update and I'm not gone...

The combination of our internet being down at the house and my being crazy busy at school has lead me to not be able to blog much.  They finally got our internet working today again. 

At school I only have 7 days left with the seniors...that just seems crazy.  It's always a rush to the finish with them.  I have one girl who will be gone for various activities and I will only see her 2 more days, which just seems ridiculous.  This is the time of year when I start to think about how I'm going to miss them.  Thankfully I don't have a student aide this year so I don't have any that I really talk to everyday and therefore miss a whole lot.  My student aide last year was one of the nicest kids I have ever met and I looked forward to chatting with him everyday (and having him grade my papers of course).  I'm looking forward to graduation, which he will probably be at, and I can chat with him a little again.

On the home front I have spent the weekend doing some scrapbooking and got from the day Roo was born until her first Christmas all done, which was pretty exciting for me.  I'm hopeful that this summer I'll be able to scrap during her nap times.  I've also thought about trying to take my scrap stuff with me in our camper, but I'm not sure how well that will work.  I'm not a great scrapper so I'm not going to post any layouts.  I really have tried to make myself focus on speed more than greatness - better to have the pictures in there and journaled than to have them all in a box.

Friday, April 9, 2010

FNL - Life needs to sloooooow down...

  • Roo has started talking up a storm.  It is hilarious at times.  She has started counting to 10.  It isn't always perfect, but she gets through em.  So cute.  It's also funny the words that she doesn't say  quite right.  For example, instead of "Love You" she says "Ahhhh Choooo," like she's sneezing.  Mikey calls her Princess Roo and she has started calling him "Princess Daddy" or "my princess."
  • This has been a crazy busy week...again...every morning I had to be to school early to teach an ACT Prep class and then after school we had prom decorating.  It was nice that the boys this morning at the ACT class thanked me and the kids put together an awesome prom for tomorrow.  
  • Oh...and about our names.  I keep forgetting to put that in.  My name is Laura.  I started with a pseudonym and decided to just go with Laura, not like it's uncommon or anything.  I'd give a prize to whoever can guess my middle name, but my parents are totally unimaginative and my middle name is probably the same middle name as 75% of Laura's.  My hubs name isn't Mikey and I don't call him that in real life, but it's all I could come up with.  His middle name is Michael.  My daughter's name is actually L.y.l.l.a (without the periods of course, it is unique and I don't want students or my mother-in-law googling her and finding my blog).  It is pronounced Lil-uh.  She is named after Mikey's dad who passed away shortly after we found out we were expecting her.  I started calling her Lil-uh-roo the first day she was born and have shortened it to Roo. 

PSF:Hunting Buddy

This fall my hubs went hunting for mule deer "out west" for 10 days and one of the weekends Roo and I went out and stayed with him.  We basically stayed in the pickup or played at camp and went for walks, but one afternoon we went out with him to walk around.  Since it was in season, Roo and I had on our orange too.

We didn't see any muleys, but we did see LOTS of antelop.  Lucky for them they weren't in season.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sewing Project 2,3,4 and 5

Just in case I have trouble meeting my 30 goal.  I'm counting these as #2-5 in my goal.

I went shopping with my sister the weekend before Easter to the fabric store.  She was really excited that I might make Easter dresses for her daughters and mine, especially since she is trying to save her $ to go to Sweden.  I said I'd make pillowcase dresses because from what I had scene on the web, they didn't look too hard.  She found a pattern for them (which I didn't need, but bought to make sure I had sizing right) and asked if I could make them with the band around the bottom.   It looked super cute, but I didn't consider how much extra time a little band around the bottom would be.

Overall, they didn't turn out perfectly, but they are really cute and who is going to snatch the dress off the little girl and turn it inside out to see how crooked some of my seems are?

Here's Roo in hers.  Please ignore her shoes.  I had bought her some cute hot pink Chuck Taylors to wear with the dress, but her feet were too wide for em.

Here are Roo and my nieces and nephews.  Roo and her cousin B are both 20 months-ish.  Then the girls are 4, 6 and 8 and my oldest nephew is 12.  People always tease my sister that she missed a kid.

My sister noted how I made them all the same length.  I think she was trying to be nice.  It did work out well though that the littler girls are above their knees b/c they would have ripped them right out otherwise.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday: Easter

My hubs has gotten awesome about taking pictures of Roo and I since I started Mommy and Me Monday.  Anytime we are somewhere taking pictures he usually asks to snap a couple of Roo and I.  For Easter I was taking some pictures in my sister's back yard of Roo in the Easter dress I made her.  The hubs came out to see what we were doing and took the camera and snapped a couple of the too of us.  I also took a couple of them.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photostory Friday: Cousins are the Best

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt with my sister and her kids last weekend. It's called a hunt, but it should be called an Easter Egg Pickup because there is no hunting involved.

My Roo and her cousin B are only a couple months apart in age. I went with my sister and the other kids while Mikey stayed with Roo and B to "clean up" the 0-2 section.

But he joined us with them after a few minutes.

Apparently Roo thought that the goodies in B's bag looked better.

Because she took them out of his basket and put the in her bag, although he didn't look like he cared.

They even gave each other a hug before we left for home.

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