Sunday, March 21, 2010

Recipe 5 - Doc's Chili from the Biggest Loser

So I decided my quality of life is crap due to my weight.  I bought the Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start book and started a blog.   Totally different food than I had been eating.  Well, I've had chili before, but not like this. 

The recipe I used can be found here

This chili was very different than what I've made in the past.  I don't think I've eaten a black bean and any chili I've ever made had tomato juice in it.

I made one very important change.  I used hamburger instead of turkey.  Does this change the nutritional value?  Not really.  I used 93% lean beef, which is what the turkey is.  Maybe there is even leaner turkey available, but I dont' think I would have liked the way this tasted as much with turkey instead of beef.

Plus I'm from Nebraska, so Beef, it's what's for dinner.

I would completely recommend this recipe.  It was filling and delicious.  It tasted like chili and was actually better than the recipe I've used in the past.  Plus knowing that you are eating something that is fairly healthy always helps.

If you want to follow my progress as I try to get healthy and lose weight, join me over here.  I'm all for encouraging comments and more people that I don't want to see me fail.


Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

That sounds really good! I always seem to forget how good black beans are as well.

Lots of luck to you as you begin your journey!

(P.S. The packages may both say 93% lean, but there are difference in the amount of protein and saturated fat that both contain. Jenny-O produces 97% lean ground turkey that I use in several of my recipes - it cooks much faster and tastes so much better! I stopped using ground beef about 8 years ago - I never did notice a difference between the two, and have found that it doesn't seem to effect any of my recipes. That being said, Denver isn't exactly beef country :) )

Danifred said...

Mmmm... that sounds good. I love black beans. I usually try to include them when I make anything Mexican food related. Yum!