Friday, March 26, 2010

Photostory Friday: The Circus

We went to the circus with my sister's family for my niece's birthday.  It was a lot of fun.  Our seats weren't fabulous, but the kids all enjoyed it.

I especially liked seeing the elephant.  One of my favorite childhood memories is when my dad took my cousins and I to the circus and we rode the elephant.  My dad is both very frugal and often worked on weekends so it is very memorable that he took us and that he paid for me to ride an elephant.

I really liked the quick change artist.  It was amazing.  Some of my students also went and were amazed by that too.  We probably talked about it for 20 minutes on Monday because the 8th graders were so intrigued by it.

My niece finishing up her sister's Juicy Juice on the sly.

My nephew loved the whole thing and clapped through most of it.  He is 2 and 1/2 months younger than Roo.

One of the only drawbacks of the day is that the circus lined up perfectly with Roo's naptime.

But she snuggled up to Grandma and fell asleep.  She even slept through the Human Canonball where they instructed everyone to cover their ears.

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Cecily R said...

Oh, don't you wish you could sleep that soundly? So sweet!

What a fun thing for your family to do together! I love the pic of your neice and the juice by the way. If that isn't an ad for Juicy Juice, I don't know what is!!

~Niki~ said...

Fun! You know, I've NEVER taken any 4 of my kids to a circus! lol.
I've been to many as a kid. Not sure why we've never gone here. Maybe the price? dunno

Amy said...

I love the shots of her sleeping, she looks so peaceful. Especially because the circus is such a loud, energetic place!

Life with Kaishon said...

Super fun outing. We went last year when it came to town. It wasn't too exciting but I guess it is fun for a once in a while experience : )

Rudy Rukus said...

That looks like so much fun. We saw a quick change act at a basketball game. it was really cool We LOVED it too!

Robyn said...

Aw. Roo missed it all. I'm sure there will be other times.

Messy Mommy said...

Oh my kids would love the circus!