Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Flat Tire in the Middle of Nowhere

I always joke that I live in the middle of Nowhere, but really, the middle of Nowhere is farther west in Nebraska.  So yesterday and today I headed 3 hours west to a conference for school.  What really stunk is that I had to be away from Roo and the hubs for a night, but the conference was very good and informative.

So today, the conference ends at 1 and I'm on my merry way from the middle of nowhere to just slightly east of nowhere.  I get 10 miles out and the school car is making a weird noise so I pull over - flat rear tire.  Great!

Now what I usually do when I get a flat tire, and I know this is pathetic, is call my hubs or my dad or my brother or even my cousin, but I doubted they'd make the 3 hour drive.  So, I got out the spare, took off the flat, and put the spare on.  Just as I was letting down the car, two guys stopped in a Dept of Roads truck.  They said, and I kid you not,

"Tire go flat?"

I actually looked around for Bill Engval and so wanted to say, "Nope, this is all part of an elaborate drill,"  but I just said yep.

But then they asked, "did you already change it?"

Seriously?!?!  The spare is small, so it's obviously a spare.  I so wanted to say, "nope, just shrank it," but I just said yep.

It was really nice of them to stop, but really?

Then I get to a town with a tire shop, which was not the first  town I went through, and explain my plight to the lady working.  She asks if I can leave it over night.  Uh? Really? Didn't I just explain that I live THREE HOURS AWAY!  I say no, and repeat the 3 hours away thing and she still asks if I can leave it or come back another day.  Seriously?!?! What part of that is not understandable.  So I tear up.

Luckily the tire manager comes into the office and asks about the school car.  The lady explains what I need and that I won't leave it over night.  I tearfully add that I live 3 hours away.  I didn't mean to be tearful, but I was exhausted and I was just done.  He says, pull it around back, I'll do it right away.

Thank goodness there was one sane soul in the middle of nowhere!


The Tompkins Family said...

DUUUHHHHH. People can be so stunned. Lucky for the manager! Glad you made it home safe and sound.

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Glad you made it back safe and sound. AND I am so impressed you know how to change a tire enough to get to real help. I would have NO clue!

Danifred said...

Good for you for changing that tire by yourself! Woo hoo girl!
So glad you made it home safely :)

Michelle Leigh said...

Wow, glad to hear things worked out. And, I am totally impressed that you changed the tire yourself! I never could have done that!

MJW said...

You can't fix stupid! :) It reminds me of those "here's your sign" emails. Great story! :)

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Hurray for nice people who get it!

Robyn said...

I'm glad they fixed it for you right away. Woot for you for changing it.