Wednesday, March 31, 2010


When the third prom sponsor didn't show up for decorating again and hasn't shown up at all and then said to the other sponsor and I that she wasn't going to stay at prom except for the meal and the other sponsor and I just looked at each other and then back and her and said, "okay,"

WIMTS: Are you kidding me? I totally understand wanting to be home with your baby, after all, that's where I want to be right now. However, we have the responsibility to do this stuff with the kids since we are assigned to be junior class sponsors. You knew at the end of the last school year that you were having a baby in February. You also knew that if you asked, someone else would be assigned to help us.  This is not your first baby so you knew you would not want to stay after school to decorate or be at prom from 5 to midnight.  

But really, should I be surprised?  Didn't you do the same thing to me when you had your first baby, except in that instance instead of shirking you prom duties, it was being head volleyball coach? 

See I would have said all that but
  1. it would have been a waste of breath b/c she's a habitual responsibility shirker so clearly it would have had no effect
  2. it was a lot to say in a minute before the juniors showed up
  3. I'm a pansy that dislikes confrontation (this is probably the most accurate)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I ♥ Faces: Dramatic B&W

I love I ♥ Faces and this weeks theme is dramatic black and white. 

I also love this picture and consider it a dramatic black and white so I had to enter it. If you have visited my blog you may have seen it before, but I love it, so here it is again. I hope seeing it again isn't a disappointment.

It is of my little girl Roo.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday: At the Park

Mikey, Roo and I walked up to the elementary school today and enjoyed the beautiful weather we had.  Beautiful weather only happens about 3 days a year in Nebraska so we have to enjoy it while we can.  I took a bunch of pictures and Mikey snapped some of me and Roo.

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Recipe 6 - Spaghetti Squash

So maybe this doesn't really count as a recipe persay, but I'm counting it as one because I LOVE IT!

I should start by telling about my love affair with spaghetti.  I have loved spaghetti since I was fairly young.  My mom let us pick what we wanted her to make us for supper for our birthdays and I always picked spaghetti.  I also claimed spaghetti as my good luck charm and requested it the night before any game in high school, so basically we ended up eating it 3 times a week or so.  Plus when I lived on my own after college I ate it for supper probably 3 or 4 nights a week.

However, as I try to eat healthier I decided that spaghetti probably wasn't a good choice.  I've tried whole wheat spaghetti in the past and didn't like it.  I decided to get a spaghetti squash just to see what it was like.  I didn't really envision it being a spaghetti substitute.  It's squash after all, how could squash taste enough like spaghetti for me to be happy eating it?  But the fact is I LOVE IT!

Now, it doesn't taste exactly like spaghetti, nor does it have the same texture exactly.  But it tastes better in my opinion than the whole grain stuff and is really similar to angel hair pasta in my opinion.

So here is how I made it.  I sliced it in half, which was a task in itself.  Then I scooped out the seeds and the icky stuff.   Then all you do it bake it at 375 degrees for 45 minutes, skin side up.  When you take it out you take a fork and rake the "spaghetti" out of the skin.

See!  Doesn't it even sort of look like spaghetti?  Roo loved it, even ate it before she ate her regular spaghetti noodles which I had to make b/c Mikey refused to try the squash.

If you want to know more about the nutritional comparsion between spaghetti squash and spaghetti, check out my post here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers - 3/26

I'm participating in Friday night Leftovers hosted by Sippy Cups are Not for Starbucks.

  • This has been a long week...l  o  n  g      w  e  e  k.  On Tuesday night I drove a van full of teenagers an hour and half to compete in a quiz bowl (which unfortunately was not successful for the kids) and then drove them back to school and another half hour home.   That wore me out.  Then yesterday I helped a track meet after school by picking which, since I get so nervous I'll pick the wrong kid, wore me out too.  Plust this time of year is crazy for us.  Kids are gone for so many activities that it is hard to keep track of it all.  Plus some of the seniors only have 12 full days they will be in school.  I'm SOOOOOO glad it's FRIDAY!
  • Mikey took Thursday off because he was in a "use it or lose it" situation with a day of leave.  He kept Roo all day and they had a good time.  He "got lots done," but unfortunately his idea of "lots done" never includes any housework.  Instead I came home to an even bigger disaster than I had left.  Was going to tackle that tonight, but decided to kick back.
  • We are headed to an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow morning with my sister and her kiddos (she has 5, have I mentioned that?)  I went last year with her and her 4 oldest, leaving the babies with the husbands at her house.  I don't know why they call it a "hunt."  There is no hunting involved.  It would more appropriately be called a Easter Egg and Candy Pick Up.
  • After the Hunt I am getting my hair cut and probably highlighted again (darn gray hairs!)  I hate getting my hair cut, but I also hate when it gets too long.  I have had so many bad haircuts with my curls that it always makes me nervous to go in.   Hair dressers seem to always want me to straighten my hair everyday and that's not going to happen.  I much prefer my 20 minute get ready time, from wake-up to out the door, to the hour it would take me just to straighten all of it.

Photostory Friday: The Circus

We went to the circus with my sister's family for my niece's birthday.  It was a lot of fun.  Our seats weren't fabulous, but the kids all enjoyed it.

I especially liked seeing the elephant.  One of my favorite childhood memories is when my dad took my cousins and I to the circus and we rode the elephant.  My dad is both very frugal and often worked on weekends so it is very memorable that he took us and that he paid for me to ride an elephant.

I really liked the quick change artist.  It was amazing.  Some of my students also went and were amazed by that too.  We probably talked about it for 20 minutes on Monday because the 8th graders were so intrigued by it.

My niece finishing up her sister's Juicy Juice on the sly.

My nephew loved the whole thing and clapped through most of it.  He is 2 and 1/2 months younger than Roo.

One of the only drawbacks of the day is that the circus lined up perfectly with Roo's naptime.

But she snuggled up to Grandma and fell asleep.  She even slept through the Human Canonball where they instructed everyone to cover their ears.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GMYBS - Roo Reading

Roo loves to read. On Monday morning, I got her out of her crib and he snagged a book. I left her in her room and went to keep getting ready for work. When I went back in to check on her, she had grabbed her 3 stuffed animals she plays with (giraffe, Tigger and Pooh), scaled the chair and was reading them a book. I snagged my camera quick and got these 3 pictures.

Poor Tigger didn't have the best seat in the house.

I really love these pictures because they really show Roo at this stage - constantly reading and constantly pretending with her stuffed animals.  It almost makes me glad that I live in a small house so that I had time to go grab my camera, almost.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday: Checking out the Presents

The hubs came through again and picked up the camera at my nieces birthday party and snapped a couple of pics of Roo and I.   We were checking out one of her gifts; a huge Barbie playset.  I'm thinking Roo will love these in a couple of years.

Head over to Really are you serious? and add your own Mommy and Me.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Recipe 5 - Doc's Chili from the Biggest Loser

So I decided my quality of life is crap due to my weight.  I bought the Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start book and started a blog.   Totally different food than I had been eating.  Well, I've had chili before, but not like this. 

The recipe I used can be found here

This chili was very different than what I've made in the past.  I don't think I've eaten a black bean and any chili I've ever made had tomato juice in it.

I made one very important change.  I used hamburger instead of turkey.  Does this change the nutritional value?  Not really.  I used 93% lean beef, which is what the turkey is.  Maybe there is even leaner turkey available, but I dont' think I would have liked the way this tasted as much with turkey instead of beef.

Plus I'm from Nebraska, so Beef, it's what's for dinner.

I would completely recommend this recipe.  It was filling and delicious.  It tasted like chili and was actually better than the recipe I've used in the past.  Plus knowing that you are eating something that is fairly healthy always helps.

If you want to follow my progress as I try to get healthy and lose weight, join me over here.  I'm all for encouraging comments and more people that I don't want to see me fail.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers - 3/19

  • Anyone seen the Liberty Mutual commercial about "doing the right thing?" With the people apparently "doing the right thing?"  Well, the first scene is a man picking up a little girls toy and the mom smiles at him.  Then in the next scene you have the mom and she slides a coffee cup farther onto a table - anyone else wonder where her kid went?  I always do.  I also wonder why she is touching someone else's coffee.
  • I don't understand why a few weeks ago we got a letter saying the Census was coming.  Really?  Do the American people need mail to announce the coming of mail?  Or is it just a ploy to drum up business for the postal service?  My tax dollars at work...
  • I think Mother Nature just likes to mess with Nebraska sometimes..  On the radio Thursday morning the guy said, "A Winter Storm Advisory begins this evening for North Central Nebraska.  High today in the East 64, in the west 56."  Seriously?!?!  If you are following Winter Storm Warning with a high of 64 then something is wrong with Mother Nature.  Yesterday the high was 76 and this morning it was snowing.  Nice.
  •  I'm starting to think I lead a really exciting life.  Last weekend was the Arenacross and this weekend we are going to the circus for one of my niece's birthday.  I'm excited to see what Roo thinks of it.   
  • Roo woke up a 1 am crying this morning.  I laid there a few minutes trying to see if she'd go back to sleep, but she never does if she's actually crying.  I went and picked her up and rocked her and she almost immediately fell back to sleep, so I tried to lay her back down - no luck.  She woke up and cried again.  So after doing this a few times I took her to bed with me.  She snuggled in and went right to sleep, but I don't sleep well with her with me.  I wake up everytime she makes any little noise or movment.  Then at 5 am she woke up and didn't want to go back to sleep.    Needless to say I'm exhausted today...
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          Thursday, March 18, 2010

          Photostory Friday: Arenacross Baby!

          I love anything racing.  I think is because my dad worked most of my childhood so when I did spend time with him we were doing something relating to racing.  If he wasn't working or sleeping I was spending time with him and even sometimes when he was working (he worked for a farmer part-time nights and weekends so I spent a lot of time in a tractor, often listening to racing on the radio).

          So when I saw that an Arenacross was coming to the MAC I was super excited and so was my dad.  It was funny when I called him to ask if he wanted to go b/c he sounded like a little kid - all excited - and he is usually pretty low key.  He smiled like this pretty much the whole time.  This is not the most flattering pic of him, but does show his grin for the night.

          Mikey and my younger brother went with us.  Mikey was not quite as excited, but said he would go again, especially if we took Roo next time.

          It was really loud, but pretty exciting.

          They even had little guys, which was fun to watch.

          Even funner with the little guys was the post race interview.  This little guy when asked who he would like to thank said, "My mom, my friend Justin, my sponsors."  The interviewer asked for anyone else and he goes, "My friend Justin and my mom said I should thank my dad since he sets up my bike and takes me riding." 

          They also had some cool freestyle riders.  They also advertised a freestyle motorcross in April.  When I went and looked up when it was - April 10th, Prom - man, that stinks.  (I'm a sponsor, not a junior/senior)


           I even got the autograph of the winner!  How cool!


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          Book #3 - Best Friends by Jennifer Weiner

          I know I have read a Jennifer Weiner book before, but for the life of me cannot remember which one it is.  I had some great suggestions for new authors and books on my last post, but sadly our library is semi-pathetic and this was one of the few authors that was suggested that they had. 

          However, I’m glad that the library did have this book as I really enjoyed it.

          Aptly titled, Best Friends is about a pair of best friends.  Current time is after their high school reunion and it has flashbacks to when they were little and then when they were in high school.   It’s very involved and that is what makes it good.  There is a lot to consider.

          The only thing I didn’t like about it was the ending.  It kinda seemed like the author reached a page number and then thought she better wrap it up quickly, so she did.   Better than a long drawn-out ending I suppose, but reminded me of reading my students’ papers.  If I assign them to write a page; that’s what they write, a single page.  No matter where they are when that page is up, they’re done.

          Overall I’d recommend it.  I already have my next book.  If I’m going to read 30 this year I need to pick up the pace a bit, but I read a lot more in the summer than I do during the school year.

          Wednesday, March 17, 2010

          A Flat Tire in the Middle of Nowhere

          I always joke that I live in the middle of Nowhere, but really, the middle of Nowhere is farther west in Nebraska.  So yesterday and today I headed 3 hours west to a conference for school.  What really stunk is that I had to be away from Roo and the hubs for a night, but the conference was very good and informative.

          So today, the conference ends at 1 and I'm on my merry way from the middle of nowhere to just slightly east of nowhere.  I get 10 miles out and the school car is making a weird noise so I pull over - flat rear tire.  Great!

          Now what I usually do when I get a flat tire, and I know this is pathetic, is call my hubs or my dad or my brother or even my cousin, but I doubted they'd make the 3 hour drive.  So, I got out the spare, took off the flat, and put the spare on.  Just as I was letting down the car, two guys stopped in a Dept of Roads truck.  They said, and I kid you not,

          "Tire go flat?"

          I actually looked around for Bill Engval and so wanted to say, "Nope, this is all part of an elaborate drill,"  but I just said yep.

          But then they asked, "did you already change it?"

          Seriously?!?!  The spare is small, so it's obviously a spare.  I so wanted to say, "nope, just shrank it," but I just said yep.

          It was really nice of them to stop, but really?

          Then I get to a town with a tire shop, which was not the first  town I went through, and explain my plight to the lady working.  She asks if I can leave it over night.  Uh? Really? Didn't I just explain that I live THREE HOURS AWAY!  I say no, and repeat the 3 hours away thing and she still asks if I can leave it or come back another day.  Seriously?!?! What part of that is not understandable.  So I tear up.

          Luckily the tire manager comes into the office and asks about the school car.  The lady explains what I need and that I won't leave it over night.  I tearfully add that I live 3 hours away.  I didn't mean to be tearful, but I was exhausted and I was just done.  He says, pull it around back, I'll do it right away.

          Thank goodness there was one sane soul in the middle of nowhere!

          Tuesday, March 16, 2010

          Wordful Wednesday: Roo at School

          One Sunday I realized I had forgotten the tests I was supposed to grade at school (I live in one town, teach in another 20 miles away), so Roo and I went to fetch them.  I took my camera with to take some pictures of the river on the way to school, but ended up taking some fun pictures of Roo.

          She had a ball walking around the school. 

          She had some fun in one of the empty lockers.

          She did some math.  She loved playing with the calculator; I hope that sticks with her as she gets into high school.  No I'm not a Math teacher.  I like to say I teach all the "boring" stuff. ;)

          She also enjoyed trying out all of the desks.  She'd climb off of one and then back up on another.

          She seemed to enjoy playing in the bigness of the school.  She really seemed in awe at times of things, but mostly she just grinned at me.

          Go post your own wordful Wednesday. Nothing more fun than seeing pictures.

          Monday, March 15, 2010

          MEme Monday: Proms

          My students are always *shocked* when I tell them this.  We didn't have prom at my HS.  Last year one of the juniors asked me if that was b/c it didn't exist yet that long ago.  Sweet kid, huh?

          What we did have was Activities Banquet: 3 hours of awards after eating basically crappy food and wearing what is more than likely a very uncomforable dress.

          Here is Mikey and I at our senior Activities Banquet.

          What is really crazy about this is that I was so self-conscious of how "fat" I was.  Oh, to be that "fat"

          Get out your scanner or, if you are youngin' upload your pictures and play along with Supah.

          Sunday, March 14, 2010

          Mommy and Me Monday: Phonetime

          After discovering how few pictures I have of Roo and I last week I told Mikey he needs to be taking more of the two of us, which he completely agreed with. 

          On Friday night at my parents,  I took this picture of Roo and I with my mom's camera.  Roo looks a little shocked, but it got her pretty eyes.  

          Mikey was playing with the camera Sunday morning.  I thought he was taking pictures in the kitchen, but when uploaded the pictures to my computer he had taken one of Roo and I talking on our phones, although in this picture she is just eavesdropping while I talk.

          I'm so glad I started this.  I am pretty hesitant to get my picture taken, but I need to get over that.  Hopefully Roo will have lots of pictures with me. as she grows up.  Go play along now!

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