Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today is the day...

It's my birthday.  I'm 30 years old.

I’m not sure why turning 30 is having such an affect on me.  I know I’m not “old,” but I’m also not “young” anymore.  Something about that bothers me.  It’s like I don’t have any more excuses to not be an “adult” at all times.  Before turning 30 it seemed like there was always “later.”  Now later is here and I want to be better 30+ than I was 29-.

To help me be better at 30 then I was before, I decided to come up with 30 goals for my 30th year (although technically it’s my 31st year as I have been alive for 30 already, but you know what I mean). 

I wasn’t completely successful coming up with 30 goals.  So far I only have 22, but I figure in a whole year some more will come to me.

I almost reconsidered a few just because I thought, “well this will be embarrassing if people know that I need this to be a goal in order to do it,” but the truth is the truth.  For example,  #2 – brush teeth daily, you might be thinking “really? She needs a goal for this?  What a wackjob!”  But that’s the fact, I do need a goal.  I HATE brushing my teeth.  Hate it.  So I figured make it a goal, it’ll be come a habit and I’ll be set.

Other goals are maybe a little too easy.  For example, #23 – Go to Europe might sound like a crazy dream of a goal but I already have plans to go with aunt and my cousin’s school group.   I’m pretty excited about it and hope that goal #4 and #8 work into #23 nicely.

So Happy Birthday to me!


Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

I am starting from the beginning and getting caught-up on your blogging. Happy Belated Birthday and what a wonderful, wonderful idea! I think blogging is an amazing way to hold yourself accountable and to get support as you work on your goals. Good luck!

Ellemes said...
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