Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our new home away from home!

We bought a camper today!  I couldn't believe it.  We love camping in the summer and had been bunking with my parents.  It will be so great to have our own space, even though their 5th wheel  is really nice.   I refer to it as the "Prairie Palace Wagon" because it is HUGE,  which is a Donner Party reference that no one ever gets b/c a: usually no one knows who the Donner Party was and b: if they do they have no idea about this particular reference.  (Which, I have to add, is exactly why I became a teacher b/c all this crap I have in my head is useless in day to day life unless of course you are a history teacher...but I digress).  So anyway I'm super excited to have our own and plan to live in it as much as possible this summer.  Vacay every weekend and being able to afford it is AWESOME!
On to the camper...We drove about an 1 hr and 1/2 to a place b/c I found one online that I liked.  It had a queen bed that slides out and then twin bunks in the back.  Well we got to the place, found the one I liked and it was a dud.  It was used and not in good shape and the queen bed must have been exactly  six feet long b/c laying down my feet were flat against one wall and my head was touching the other (yeah, I'm ridiculously tall).  So I was dejected, but we decided to look around and found a few we considered and then found another one where the bed slid out, but was more like 6'3, was new, not used and quad bunks in the back.  We went to ask prices and it was actually cheaper!  So exciting.  So we pulled the trigger and bought it.

Some pics that I 'borrowed' from the dealer webpage...

The Floor Plan

The "Front" which I kept saying was the back and Mikey and my dad kept correcting me.

The back - you can see the queen bed slide out.

The inside looking toward the queen bed.

The bunks in the "front."  Yes I only have one child, but I hope to have more someday and if not she's got lots of room to play in the event of bad weather.

Best part?  Mikey hasn't gotten buyer's remorse and he always gets buyer's remorse.  He buys a pack of gum and doubts himself; he also got it about our house and all of our vehicles.  Sooooooo annoying.  I hope he doesn't get it b/c this camper if perfect for us.

I should also add that we are not "real" campers and do not "rough it" at all.  Our new camper has a huge Air Conditioner and a nice little place for a TV and we already have read how to take our DVR with us.  It also has a bathroom with a shower and has a huge refrigerator  and a microwave.  We have also discussed getting one of those things that gives you internet access anywhere, but sure what the coverage would be here in Nowhere, particularly as we go farther from Somewhere to camp.  We do spend most of the time camping outside our camper, but we like to have options in case it is too hot or raining.

Now if the weather will warm up long to spring?


Danifred said...

I L.O.V.E. it!! Can't wait to read about all your camping adventures this spring!

Kmama said...

I'm finally making it over to everyone's blog that commented this week.

Wow!! Now that's how you camp (I'm so not a camper!!).

Sherri said...

Oh My Goodness! How much fun is that !!!!

Jenny said...

How exciting! I don't usually get buyer's remorse, but I am so bad at making decisions. I get so nervous.