Saturday, February 13, 2010

My hate/love relationship

Poor Roo is sick. She has a cough and sometimes coughs so hard that she cries because it hurts, which then causes her to cough more. It breaks my heart. Her little eyes are all glassy and she has been refusing to eat much, presumably because her little throat hurts. It is the saddest thing ever. She won't sleep unless someone is holding her. I hate when she is sick.

But there is a love part. See my little Roo is an independent runner of a little lady. She doesn't sit much, she doesn't cuddle - she's a mover and a shaker. The only holding I get to do of her is right away in the morning and then for the nightly bath, book, bed. Other than that I get the occasional kiss and hug, but only after begging. So call me a terrible parent, but I love that part of her being sick. I love her being snuggled against me and calling for me. Mikey likes it too, but both of us hope she feels better soon.

Poor Baby...


Michelle Leigh said...

Believe me, any parent knows how you are feeling! My middle daughter was like that when she was a little younger too (now she loves a good snuggle). She was so pathetic when she was sick, but she wanted to snuggle. I hope your little gal gets better though, nothing worse than a sick kiddo!

Michelle Leigh said...

Oh, and great picture!