Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Movie #1 - The Ugly Truth

Mikey and I have a Netflix subscription that we've actually decided to end so I'm a little worried about making my 30 goal. However, the library has movies that can be rented so I'll just have to start checking those out. I probably won't go to many current movies. I much prefer my comfy chair and my own snacks, plus the handy pause button for bathroom breaks.

So...The Ugly Truth stars Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler (I'm not going to lie, just had to look up his name).  Has an interesting plot - Heigl plays a tv producer at a small morning news show that is struggling to get viewers.  This part sorta reminded me of a local morning show here.   Butler is a guy who tells the 'Ugly Truth' about love and relationships, lands a job at the morning to show to try to save it and helps Heigl's character land the man of her dreams.  The rest I found pretty predictable frankly.  It was a good movie, but not one I'd rate as a must see and definitely not a re-watcher.


Jen K. said...

I just recently watched this too and had about the same view of it as you. Good, but once was probably enough. But really, I think any movie Gerard Bulter in is worth at least ONE watch!