Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I'm participating in Friday Night Leftover's put on by Sippy Cups are Not for Starbucks.

  • Roo seems to be on the mend, but I might take her to the doctor tomorrow anyway.  Stinks to pay the copay, but at least I'll know that nothing has settled into her lungs and that she doesn't have ear infections or anything.  Mother's doubt sucks!
  • I can't tell my left from right well.  In my post for Photostory Friday, I noted how we think Roo'll be a lefty b/c she uses her left hand to color and the proceeded to post pictures of her coloring with her right hand.  She really does use her left more though.  I do have trouble with the whole left/right thing.  My kindergarten teacher had me convinced I'd fail and be in K forever if I didn't correctly tell her left/right, which led to me cheating to pass that little test.  I also think it created some kind of mental block over left and right.
  • I *LOVE* the Olympics.  I didn't get into them too much last time up, but this year I have been tuning in every night.  What's weird is when I was younger I loved to watch figure skating and that is one of the events I am not really following this time.  With exception of the Russian men's skater who is a jerk and a poor loser.
  • Jillian Michael's and her 30 Day Shred is still killing me, but I have to admit has been getting slightly easier every day.
  • Mikey and I are hoping to look at a camper tomorrow.  We both enjoy camping in the summer, but only 'fake' camping with a little home on wheels that includes air conditioning, showers, innerspring mattresses, etc.  I really like the looks of it online, but we'll see. Mikey and I are not always the best at agreeing on things like this and unfortunately he is not one of those "anything to make you happy" kinda guys.


Danifred said...

So happy you're playing with us this week! Yeah :)

Glad to hear Roo is on the mend and I'm with you on Mother's Doubt. I always end up paying co-pay, just to be sure.

I've also been watching the Olympics alot this year, more so than previous years. I don't know why I'm so tuned it, but I'm loving it!

Chrystal said...

I think day four of the shred was the worst! It does get easier. Good luck!

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Mother's Doubt is definitely a real thing! More than once I have been the mom to take her kid to a WELL CHILD visit only to be told that he has a double ear infection, so I am constantly second guessing myself on going to the pediatrician or not.

Good luck with the camper hunting!

Robyn said...

I'd like camping much more if it was fake camping too.