Thursday, February 18, 2010

Book #1 - Finger Lickin Fifteen by Janet Evanovich

I should probably have clarified some things when writing my goal about reading 30 books.  First of all I won't be counting pictures books, because I will probably get somewhere in the neighborhood of a 1000 of those read in a year as part of the nightly bath, book, bed routine.  Secondly, I should note that I also probably won't read anything with much substance.  When I read I am mainly looking for TV in my head.  Nothing that makes me work to get the meaning of the sentences or anything like.  It's not that I can't read 'sophisticated' books, I just don't want too.  Third, if anyone out there is looking for a great place to find reviews on current books you probably won't get them here.  I'm a library junkie.  I go once a week-ish to pick up new books with/for Roo and to get a new novel.

Ok, so here goes the first review!

I started reading Finger Lickin Fifteen the night of my birthday.  I love Stephanie Plum novels.  They are light and easy to read books.   I have read them all in order; starting a couple of summers ago when I read the first 10 or so of them.  They are based on the character Stephanie Plum who is a bounty hunter, albeit not a very good one.  She has an off/on boyfriend Joe Morelli and a smokin hot (well he is in my head anyway) friend/boss, Ranger.  In this particular installment, Stephanie's friend Lula witnesses a murder and then the murderers are after her for witnessing it.

I really liked this book - perfect for the TV in my head thing.  I also noticed that I always say the friends name in my head as Lulu, instead of Lula.  Took me 15 books to notice it has an 'a' at the end.

I also wondered about the possibility of Stephanie Plum movies.  So I just did what I always do when I wonder about things, I googled.  Apparently Katherine Heigl has been cast to play Stephanie in One for the Money.  Not who I would have suspected.   Plus it says that the movie has been in the works since 1994, so I wonder if it will actually ever get made.


Angie said...

Oooo I love "Tv in my head" books (that is great!)

I will have to check out that book - I am in between books at the moment!

Found you from Friday Follow!