Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summertime Blogging

Apparently summer and blogging don't go together well for me.   So I thought I'd do some bullet point updates:

  • Despite the fact that it is summer, I have spent a lot of time at school.  The Label Maker and I have become close friends, as all of the student's laptops had to have their names labeled on them.  That's all done now and I'm on to working on the staff development and lesson plans for my classes.  Oh where or where did my summer go?
  • I've been missing Roo since I've spent so much time at work.  We've spent a lot of time playing outside and going on walks to the park.  
  • We still haven't told many people about our coming addition.  We are planning to tell our families the first weekend in August.  I did tell my friend from school who has been struggling to conceive and it didn't go well.  She made lots of rude comments and hasn't called me back after I called her twice.  I'm bummed, but I saw it coming and really...what was I supposed to do?  I've gotten some good advice to give her time, but I'm not sure that's going to help.
  • We are heading out on a little vacation next week.  Taking the camper out "west."  It will be short, but it should be fun.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh the joys of the dentist...

I took Roo for her first dental appointment yesterday.  My sister had told me they'd count her teeth and send me on my merry way, but they actually cleaned them, polished them and put floride on them.  They kept remarking how good she was for a 2-year-old to sit there and open wide and let them clean her teeth.  That's Roo though; she's a pretty easy going girl most of the time.

Then today it was my turn.  I took Roo to daycare since I wasn't sure what I'd do with her while I was being scraped, poked and generally berated for my horrible teeth.  I haven't been to the dentist since before Roo was born because the last guy I went to shook.  Not something I look for in people putting needles and drills in my mouth. 

This dentist was great though.  They gave me a warm neck wrap, which was very relaxing and there was actually no berrating about the poor condition of my teeth.  It probably helped that I wouldn't let them do x-rays, b/c they couldn't see all that they should be berrating about.  It was so nice though to not have people talk down to me about how I don't floss right (or at all) and how I need to take care of them better and how I need to stop drinking pop (which I have stopped drinking caffinated pop), etc.  They were just nice. 

They did sell me a fancy, schmancy toothbrush.  I'm hoping it helps.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

We decided to go to the big city where my sister lives for the 4th of July weekend.  Mikey about fell asleep on the way home after the rained out fireworks last year so we opted to get a hotel room.  I used priceline for the first time and got a room at the Hampton Inn for $50.  It was really nice.

On the 4th the fireworks got rained out so my sister with her quick thinking said we should go to Toy Story 3 - 3D.  Roo and her little cousin B did pretty well.  She moved around some, but was quiet.  Then we went back to my sister's and they had got some small fireworks.   Sadly, Roo was not impressed.

The next morning we slept in.  We ate the continental breakfast and then headed to the Childrens' Zoo.  While we waited for my sister's fam we looked at some pretty flowers.  Roo was having fun with her sunglasses.  I guess they fit better upside down.

The zoo was really fun.  Since it is a Children's zoo it was perfect Roo and all my nieces and nephews.  They all had fun.

They even took pony rides.  My newphew, who is 12, "works" at the Zoo.  He is a volunteer, but refers to it as his job.

We ended the day with a train ride around the zoo.  Roo was super tired, but was very well behaved the whole day.

Hope you had a safe and happy 4th!

Friday, July 2, 2010

PSF: Hiking Fun

Last weekend the fam and I went to a state park and did some "hiking."  I call it hiking because it was wooded, but I'm thinking people who live in mountainous areas would be hard pressed to call anything hiking in Nebraska.

I got Mikey a kid backpack carrier for his birthday and Roo really likes it.  She usually falls asleep in it even.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is this too corny?

Everyone guessed it!  I'm expecting, but really not very far along(about 6 weeks) I'm a little worried about telling people, but Mikey wants to tell everyone now.

So we are going to tell the family in the next few weeks.  I was thinking it might be fun to have a little bbq or go out to dinner with people and have Roo wear this shirt...

from Cafe Press.

What do you think too corny?

Anyone have another really good idea?  I thought of the framed sonogram picture, but the hubs doesn't want to wait that long.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gone so long...

It seems odd to me that even though I have more "free" time in the summer I seem to have less time to blog and to follow blogs. Oh well, ya'll will forgive me, right?

So some things of note:
  • We have been camping a couple of times this summer.  This past weekend we went to a beautiful state park and did some hiking and napping.  It was wonderful.  
  • I've spent a lot of time this summer watching PBS.  I think I'm getting smarter everyday.
  • I've watched a few movies and read some books so I need to do a goal update post.  I've haven't completely given up on that.
And finally, speaking of goals...see goal #15 over there ---->  the secret goal?  well... I think it might be "achieved."    BUT it's still a secret goal for if you can guess what it is and you know me in real life, (Hi Megs! ;)) don't say anything to anyone just yet.  We're deciding how we want to tell people, especially since we are a few months ahead on our "achievement," which mikeg make things a little complicated with my job.   Frankly, I'm tempted to see how long it takes for people to guess, but the hubs is very excited and I think he'd take out a newspaper ad if he could.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My little Roo is 2!

Happy Birthday to my little Roo!  She doesn't really seem to get it that it's her birthday, although she's enjoying playing with her new customizable play center, which is currently set up as a kitchen.  She made Mikey and I a delicious supper.  "Delicious" is one of her favorite words.

We are having a birthday party for her on Saturday.  Just family (well, we invited my BIL's parents too, technically they aren't related to us.)

Time to go get her Happy Birthday Blizzard!  No cake today, but the girl loves her a blizzard.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Italy was my fav...

I probably have spent more time narrowing down what to post.  There was so much beauty there.

The view from the top of the Spanish steps.  Too many people for this Nebraska girl, but still really cool.

Trevi Fountain - pretty spectacular, but lots of people
The lobby of our hotel.  It was nice, but our rooms left a little to be desired - considering the bed was a cot...
We were there on the Italian equivalent of the 4th of July, so we just missed a military parade, but got to see this fly over and see the military people going back.

Well, I'll post more later - these are probably not the "greats" but I really like them all.

Pictures from Spain

While in Spain we walked around the capital city of Madrid, visited the historic capital of Toledo and when to the Reina Sophia Art Museum, where we some works by Picasso.  Here are some pictures I took.

The chandelier hanging in the lobby of the hotel we stayed in.

My stomach was not a fan of a lot of the Spanish food so I ended up eating at McDonald's twice.  This is the food from my nugget Happy Meal.
The ceiling in one of the may have been the Royal cathedral, but I don't remember for sure.  It was beautiful though.

 A view of Toledo

Shrimp with eyes - so you see the need for McDonalds.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pictures from England

I'm Back!  I have been for a week actually, but due to a new position at school I was busy all week working there.

I thought I'd share some of the pictures that I took.  We went to London, Madrid and Rome, but I'm just doing London today. 

And now that I've uploaded all the warned, there are a LOT of pictures.  Scroll down at your own risk.

Westminster Abbey

The hubs said I should have picked one of these for him.  A nice little "make your own" kit. 
These street performers were amazing, although it did make me wonder what makes a person decide that they are going to stand on their friend's head, or decide they are going to have their friend stand on their head.
This is the pub we at supper in one night.

Even in Nebraska I don't see a lot of meat just hanging around in stores.  It was a little odd for me.

Pea and Basil soup - sounds a little gross, doesn't it?
But it was Delicious!

Thanks for sticking with it to the end!